My Intentions

Lets get real about the industry

The Health and Fitness industry is in a shambles.

I am going to be sharing my honest and educated views and insights with you. For the better part of 5 years now, I have been educating myself as much as possible in the realm of health, nutrition, training and the self-proclaimed fitness industry as a whole. I have done the personal training diploma, worked with many people and trainers in the industry to pick up on not only my own, but other trainers pitfalls, I have got a bachelors in food and nutrition, read countless research papers, developed countless programs, worked with many individuals and even gone undercover to personal trainers, yet I still have so so much to learn! But hey, what is the point if I don’t share it with whoever will listen right? I want to help. I want to make a difference. I am sick and tired of seeing people waste their money and ruin their physical and mental wellbeing when trying to achieve the exact opposite! I am going to put out content that I believe will leave a positive impact on an industry and help loads of individuals and health and fitness professionals increase their knowledge, awareness and wellbeing. Whether I reach 10 people or a million people does not matter, because I’ll know that 10 people are now better off!

You can suffer in silence, or you can start following me to see what content I am going to be putting out!


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